You may see an anonymous email address (it might look something like, tap here to learn more about Apple's Hide My Email feature). This is a privacy feature offered by Apple and may have happened automatically if you used the "Continue with Apple" button to create your account (it's enabled by Apple by default).

If you currently have an anonymous email, that's ok, you can continue using it.

It can, however, lead to confusion if you have another Android device or another iOS device that is using a different Apple ID (like a work EFB). If that is the case, then you have a couple options:

Option 1: Continue using the anonymous email address

  • You need to create a password for this email. Go to the app's menu > Settings and tap on Add/Update Password.
  • On your other device, go to the app's menu > Settings and Log Out. Then use this anonymous email/password to log into your other device.

Option 2: Use your own email address

  • Go to the app's menu > Settings and Log Out. Then use your own email address to log in. When you enter your Flica credentials, the app will recognize the duplicate accounts and guide you through transferring everything over (friends, subscription, etc).

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