How does it work?

The app pulls the Crew List from two places: your schedule in Flica and the app itself. When you refresh your schedule in Flica, the people on your own schedule will show up with "(pairing)" next to them.

The app also tries to match you up with other app users to provide more information than what's on your schedule in Flica. However, this requires everyone to keep their app up-to-date. If someone calls in sick or gets reassigned and doesn't refresh the app, it may cause them to continue showing up in that Crew List because they are still showing on that trip in their own app.

The app's matching system isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing and in general, it works pretty well and provides a much better look at who you are (or might be) working with when they aren't a part of your entire pairing.

Somebody is missing or incorrectly showing up

First, double check that you haven't disabled the "Expanded Crew List" setting. Go to the app's menu > Settings and expand the Privacy section. Make sure that Expanded Crew List is enabled. You may need to do a full-schedule refresh once it's enabled.

If you're experiencing issues with the Crew List feature, read through the "How does it work" section above for a little more information about where and how we gather that list, and some things that might lead to it occasionally be inaccurate.

With all that said, if you're missing someone from the Crew List or someone is showing up incorrectly, try a full-schedule refresh from the Calendar page in the app. You can also try making sure everyone else on the trip has refreshed their own schedules, too.

Contact Us

If the issue persists, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Contact Developer option in the app's menu or at