Crew Assistant & flight info

Flight Crew View is leveraging the power of FlightAware's Firehose data feed to provide real time flight info!

To help manage all of this data, your very own Crew Assistant was added to:

  • Monitor flight changes around the clock.
  • Pick out the data that's important to you.
  • Keep the app updated.
  • Instantly notify you of significant changes that are both appropriate and timely. (It won't bother you during rest, or about something 3 flights from now.)

Important Changes

  • All of the same info from your schedule is still there.
  • Underlined info can be tapped on for additional information.
  • Inbound flight info can be found by expanding the leg (next to the Crew List).
  • Pull-to-Refresh Changes: Refreshing on the daily page will only update the new Flight Info. To download updates to your schedule, go to the Calendar page and refresh.

Crew Assistant notifications and troubleshooting

Troubleshooting: Tap here if you aren't receiving notifications

An hour before your report time, Crew Assistant will start going to work for you. It will check the status of your first flight and the inbound and send you a quick message to start the day.

  • The default start is one hour prior to report in case there are any issues with your inbound. This can be adjusted in the Settings.

Throughout your duty day, Crew Assistant will keep track of your flights and keep you posted about any significant events:

  • Gate changes
  • Aircraft swaps
  • Significant delays
  • Inbound updates when you are changing planes
  • Cancellations

Update your preferences in the app's menu > Settings under Crew Assistant.

New Layout

Left Column

  • FLT: Tap on the flight number to go to the EDCT page or the Flight Aware page.
  • DH/AC CHG: This field covers 2 pieces of info:
    • DH: This may indicate "DH" or some other codes that may be included in the DH field in your schedule. 
    • AC CHG: A star "*" indicates that this is the last leg on this aircraft and the next flight will be on a new aircraft.
  • TAIL: The first line comes from your schedule. The second line is matched up from Flight Aware. 
    • Tap the tail number to see the Aircraft Schedule Page, which lists flights before and after your flight, along with crews and ability to contact via Crew Chat (for lost & found, etc).
    • NOTE: The 2 tails come from different sources and could be different. Try refreshing your schedule from the Calendar page to pull newer info from your schedule.

Middle Column

  • City Pair: Tap to get more information about the flight. It's color-coded to indicate different things:
  • First Row Times: always come directly from your schedule (FLICA). If they match either the SKD or ACT time, then they will display that title (SKD or ACT) instead of "FLICA". These are color-coded to show on-time or delay status. Times are red when exceeding D+0 or A+14.
  • Second Row Times: always come from FlightAware. Will indicate different times (SKD, ESTIM, or ACT) based on status and what times are displayed on the first line (on your schedule).
  • Gate Info: Terminal/Concourse&Gate. 
    • Tap a gate to see the Gate Schedule Page, which lists flights operating into and out of that gate, who is currently occupying it, and their estimated out time.

Right Column

  • BLK: the block time downloaded with your schedule.
  • DIFF: the overblock(+)/underblock(-) of that leg.
  • /672: The block in 672 limit for US Pilots under Part 117.
  • /365: The block in 365 days limit for US Pilots under Part 117.

City Pair color codes and icons

The Crew Assistant works in coordination with the Delay Watch feature (tap here for more info) to monitor the status of both your departure airport and your destination. It will update the color and icon of the City Pair on your schedule for various issues:

  • green (no icon): no known delays affecting your departure airport.
  • green (w/icon): no current delay affecting your departure airport, but ATC is planning for potential delays later in the day.
  • yellow: destination is in a ground delay program that affects your departure airport, OR, average taxi-out times exceed 45 minutes.
  • red: destination is in a ground stop that affects your departure airport.

Expanded Info and Inbound Leg

The expanded flight info includes 3 more lines of data:

  • Line 1: the OOOI times with A (ACT) or E (ESTIM) preceding it.
  • Lines 2 & 3: the flight plan vitals:
    • A/S: Airspeed
    • ETE: Estimated Time Enroute
    • ALT: Altitude
    • MI: Mileage
    • RTE: The flight route. Tap to copy the route to clipboard.


Note: These vitals are estimated and pulled from several different sources, including the Flight Plan on file with ATC. These values will sometimes be updated by ATC throughout the flight (especially the route and altitude). So, afterwards, they may show a different or a specific point-in-time update that occured during the flight.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please use the Contact Developer option in the app's menu or send an email to