How it works

Starting about an hour before your flight, you might receive a message from our Delay Watch feature with information about Ground Stops or Ground Delay Programs (GDPs) that may affect your flight.

We collect general information about these programs from the FAA and then figure out if your departure airport is within the scope of that program. If it is, we send you a message and any updates starting about an hour before your flight.


This is just general airport information and it may not affect your specific flight (even if your ARTCC is included in the program).



Messages are generated during a window of approximately one hour before your originally scheduled departure time. The app does not yet monitor flights to make changes to that window.

Messages are limited to terminal programs only. So, for example, enroute restrictions or stops will not generate a message.

GDP messages are only sent once when average delays exceed 60 minutes. No further updates are sent.

Once you receive a Ground Stop message, you will only receive further updates on these events:

  • Ground Stop update time changed/extended.
  • Ground Stop possibility of extension change.
  • Ground Stop scope change.
  • Ground Stop has ended.

1st Tier? 2nd Tier? What Tier am I in?

Most messages will include the ARTCC of your departure airport. If the 'Scope' does not contain a list of the affected ARTCCs, then you can type 'full' to get the full advisory and that should include a list all of the affected ARTCCs (in some cases, it may not, though).

You can also tap here to use this interactive map to see the affected tiers.

But I got a message and it doesn't affect me

Most GDPs and Ground Stops only affect airports within specific ARTCCs or within a defined mileage. In those cases, we attempt to filter them so you won't get a message if it doesn't affect you. In some cases, though, we don't have enough information. In those cases, we send as much info as we can.

Keywords - How to adjust the Alerts

You can adjust the alerts in the app's Settings page (app's menu > Settings > Delay Watch).

You can also adjust the settings by responding to the Delay Watch message with these keywords:

'full': receive the full advisory text along with each message that you receive.
'brief': (default) receive an abbreviated version for each message.

'all': receive messages for all ground stops and all GDPs with avg delays longer than 60 minutes (even if they don't affect you).
'filter': (default) only receive messages for ground stops and GDPs that affect your flying.

'stop': stop the Delay Watch. You will no longer receive any messages.
'start': restarts the Delay Watch with settings reset to default.

Keywords - How to get more info

You can respond to the Delay Watch messages with these keywords to get more information:

'help': displays all of these keywords.
'more': sends the full advisory text for the most recent message.
'discussion': sends the general discussion from the most recent ATC ops plan.
'future': sends possible future delay programs that ATC is monitoring.

Contact Us

If you have any trouble with it, or if you have any other questions, please contact us via the Contact Developer option in the app's menu, or at .