See "Why is this happening?" below for more information.

Update (Nov 30): One of the captchas (human-detector) in Flica is not working correctly and isn't forwarding to your schedule upon completion (the login captcha works fine). A workaround was found to get to your schedule, but it added a few more steps. Some of the instructions have changed, too, so read them carefully!

How to get your schedule back into the app

  1. Go to the app's menu > Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on "Manual Refresh". If you don't see this option, make sure your app is up to date:
  3. Follow the instructions at the top. Make sure to complete any Captchas or popups that occur along the way and 
  4. Only tap "Continue" when you see the requested page: the Main Menu home page during the login, or your schedules at each step after login.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT log out of the app or uninstall during this period. If you already have, then you won't be able to log back in. The app uses the normal refresh process to verify your Flica credentials and won't be able to verify them during this time.

It still doesn't work and I need my schedule now

You can view older versions of your schedule in the app by going to the History page:

App's menu > History > Refreshes

Tap on one of the previous refreshes to see what was on your schedule at that point in time. If you have changes since then, then you will need to use the backup refresh above to get those changes into the app.

Why is this happening?

Going forward, it looks like Spirit will be enabling a Captcha (human detector) in Flica for Flight Attendants each month when trips become available for add/drop/trade requests.

This captcha was implemented to keep automated bots and other apps from making too many requests during this period immediately following the release of those trips. Flight Crew View does not make any such requests, however, it is affected by this response to those apps/bots. Over the past few months, the captcha was only implemented for 2 or 3 days, so the app should go back to working like normal after a couple days. 

Other questions

If you have any other questions, please send us an email via the Contact Developer option in the app, or at .