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Reset the export feature

1) Go into the app's menu > Settings.
2) Disable the Export to Device Calendar option. 
3) Go back to your schedule and refresh.
4) Once the refresh finishes, count to 10 and then force-close (swipe away) the app.
5) Wait a few seconds and then re-open the app.
6) Go back to the app's menu > Settings and enable that Export to Device Calendar again. Double check that you are exporting to the correct calendar.
7) Go back to the schedule and refresh again.

Once the refresh is finished, wait 10 seconds again and then check your device calendar.

Make sure the calendar is visible

Some device calendars allow you to hide, or uncheck, which calendars that you want to display. Double check which calendar that the app is set up to export to, and then check your device calendar app to make sure that account and calendar are set up and are not hidden, or unchecked.

Reset the calendar account

Android: This may affect other apps, so this should be a last resort. In the device's Settings app (gear icon) tap on Accounts and remove the account in question and then add it back.

Apple: In the calendar app, remove the account and add it back.

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