iPhone: Add the Calendar account

The account needs to be added into the Apple Calendar app in order for iOS to share it with the app:

Go to your device's Settings app (gear icon).

Scroll down and tap on Calendar.

Tap on Accounts and add the account that your calendar is associated with.

That should make the calendar visible to the app. It may require a restart of the device.

Android: Non-Synced Calendars

During testing, we found an issue that occurs with non-synced calendars. When crossing timezones, an all-day event can spill over into another day (either forward or backward, depending on which way you are traveling), making it a 2-day all-day event.

This led to quite a bit of confusion during testing, so we decided to remove the option to export your schedule to non-synced (local-only) calendars.

This shouldn't affect most people, as the main reason for exporting is to share their schedule with others, or put their schedule on a family calendar.

So, they need to be "synced" calendars, which means they need to be tied to an online account (and not just local to the device calendar app).

To create a synced calendar, you just need to create a calendar under a gmail account or other online account and then import that account into your device calendar. Once you see the "synced" account in your device calendar, then those calendars associated with that account should show up in the app.

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