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Device Calendars change the times of an event based on what time zone you are in. So, even though I can change the times to UTC and then store them correctly, they will always display in local time and update when we change timezones, which can lead to a LOT of confusion.

Here is an example of what would happen. Let's say you have the following schedule in the app:

ORD-DEN 1200-0200, block: 0300

DEN-COS 0300-0400, block: 0100

If I put those in the device calendar as a single event, then it would look like this while you are standing in ORD:

ORD-DEN 1200-0300

DEN-COS 0400-0500

Note that the times in the app (and in the title) are local times. So the 0200 arrival in DEN and then the second flight is shifted an hour due to the timezone.

This would be fine if this was just for a family/friend that stays in one timezone. In fact, this would be perfect, as it is the actual times, corrected to their timezone.

Be careful!

However, if a crew has those flights in their device calendar and then doesn't turn off airplane mode when they land in DEN, and if they are relying on their device calendar event times instead of the app, then they could report to their DEN-COS flight an hour late, since the times are still displaying in Central Time. The same problem exists for the duty periods, too.

So, to avoid this issue, the local times were added to the title of the events, so that it displays just like in the app, even though the event times may change.

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