How it works

Both of these features require the Calendar permission to be enabled. If you have any trouble with it, double check that permission and make sure it's enabled for the Flight Crew View app. (See I can't see/select any calendars below)

How to export your flights

Just go into the app's menu > Settings, expand the Device Calendar - Export section and tap to enable it. Once enabled, tap the next dropdown option to select which calendar you want to export your flights to.

There are also several other settings there to modify how the events are created. Just a note, though, it can take up to a minute after each full-schedule refresh for the changes to take place and for your entire schedule to sync with the device calendar (it can be finicky at times, too, so be patient with it).

How to import your personal events

Just go into the app's menu > Settings, expand the Device Calendar - Import section and tap to enable it. Once enabled, tap the next option to select which calendars you want to import.

This will display all of your personal events right inline with your schedule on the calendar page (don't worry, these stay local on your device and aren't shared with your friends).

Why does Flight Crew View need "Full Access" permission in iOS17+?

In iOS 17, Apple introduced "Write Only" permission to enhance privacy, allowing apps to add events to a calendar without reading its entire contents. However, Flight Crew View requires "Full Access" permission in order to keep events updated as they change throughout the month:

  1. Schedule Updates: Your flight schedule may change frequently. Full Access allows the app to modify existing calendar events created by Flight Crew View to reflect these changes accurately. Without this, the app could only add new events, leading to confusion with multiple entries for the same flight/duty/trip, and it wouldn't be able to delete events when trips or flights are dropped.

  2. Limited Access: The app accesses your calendar only when you first enable this feature, refresh your schedule, or use the "Import" feature to view calendar events within the app.

  3. Privacy Assurance: All calendar processing is done locally within the app. Your calendar data is never transmitted from your device; it is immediately discarded after your calendar is updated.

This ensures that your schedule is efficiently managed and kept up-to-date, while also respecting your privacy and security.

Why does each event create a notification?

The Flight Crew View app does not create alerts or alarms with each event that it creates. The notifications for those events are managed and created by the Device Calendar app itself.

To update those settings, you will need to update those settings in your Device Calendar app.

If you want to keep notifications for all of your other events, though, and just disable the Flight Crew View notifications, you may have to create a new Calendar just for the Flight Crew View events and then manage the notifications for specifically that calendar.

Can friends see my imported personal events?

Your device calendar is private. When you import your calendar into your device, it stays local within your own device. This means that your friends won't be able to see your calendar, just as you can't see their

I can only see a few calendars (but not all)

iPhone: Add the Account to your device

  1. Go to your device's Settings app (gear icon).
  2. Scroll down and tap on Calendar.
  3. Tap on Accounts and add the account that your calendar is associated with.
  4. That should make the calendar visible to the app. It may require a restart of the device.

Android: Non-Synced Calendars

During testing, we found an issue that occurs with non-synced calendars. When crossing timezones, an all-day event can spill over into another day (either forward or backward, depending on which way you are traveling), making it a 2-day all-day event.

This led to quite a bit of confusion during testing, so we decided to remove the option to export your schedule to non-synced (local-only) calendars.

This shouldn't affect most people, as the main reason for exporting is to share their schedule with others, or put their schedule on a family calendar.

So, they need to be "synced" calendars, which means they need to be tied to an online account (and not just local to the device calendar app).

To create a synced calendar, you just need to create a calendar under a gmail account or other online account and then import that account into your device calendar. Once you see the "synced" account in your device calendar, then those calendars associated with that account should show up in the app.

I can't see/select any calendars

Make sure that the app has permission to view calendars. Open your device's Settings app (gear icon) and then:

Apple: Scroll down and tap on FC View. Make sure the Calendars option is enabled (with Full Access, which is required in order to update events when they change). 

If you don't see the Calendar permission here, then it might be that you've previously declined this permission. Try going back out to the main page in the Settings app and go to Privacy & Security > Calendars. Tap on FC View and make sure "Full Access" is selected.

Android: Go to Apps > Flight Crew View > Permissions and make sure the Calendar permission is enabled.

Both Apple & Android: If the permission is enabled, and you still can't see the calendars, make sure that the account is visible to the iOS or Android operating system. For example, if you are using Google Calendar app on Apple, but haven't added the Google Account to the System Settings, then iOS won't be able to share the calendar with the app.

Basically, just make sure that the permission is enabled, and that the native Calendar app on your device can see the calendar, and then you should be able to see it as an option in the FC View app.

The blocks are shifted, even though the title is correct

Device Calendars change the times of an event based on what time zone you are in. So, even though I can change the times to UTC and then store them correctly, they will always display in local time and update when we change timezones, which can lead to a LOT of confusion.

Here is an example of what would happen. Let's say you have the following schedule in the app:

ORD-DEN 1200-0200, block: 0300

DEN-COS 0300-0400, block: 0100

If I put those in the device calendar as a single event, then it would look like this while you are standing in ORD:

ORD-DEN 1200-0300

DEN-COS 0400-0500

Note that the times in the app (and in the title) are local times. So the 0200 arrival in DEN and then the second flight is shifted an hour due to the timezone difference.

This would be fine if this was just for a family/friend that stays in one timezone. In fact, this would be perfect, as it is the actual times, corrected to their timezone.

WARNING: Be careful:

If a crew has those flights in their own device calendar and then doesn't turn off airplane mode when they land in DEN, and if that crew is relying on their device calendar event times instead of the app, then they could report to their DEN-COS flight an hour late, since the times are still displaying in Central Time. The same problem exists for the duty periods, too.

So, to avoid this issue, the local times were added to the title of the events, so that it displays just like in the app, even though the event times may change.

Export isn't working

If you can select a calendar to export to, but it's not working (or has stopped working), give these options a try:

Get the latest update

Apple: Flight Crew View in the Apple App Store

Android: Flight Crew View in the Google Play Store

Check the calendar permission

Make sure that the app has permission to view calendars. Open your device's Settings app (gear icon) and then:

Apple: Scroll down and tap on FC View. Make sure the Calendars option is enabled (on iOS 17+, it requires "Full Access" to both write events and then keep them updated as they change).

Android: Go to Apps > Flight Crew View > Permissions and make sure the Calendar permission is enabled.

Reset the export feature

1) Go into the app's menu > Settings.
2) Disable the Export to Device Calendar option. 
3) Go back to your schedule and refresh.
4) Once the refresh finishes, count to 10 and then force-close (swipe away) the app.
5) Wait a few seconds and then re-open the app.
6) Go back to the app's menu > Settings and enable that Export to Device Calendar again. Double check that you are exporting to the correct calendar.
7) Go back to the schedule and refresh again.

Once the refresh is finished, wait 10 seconds again and then check your device calendar.

Make sure the calendar is visible

Some device calendars allow you to hide, or uncheck, which calendars that you want to display. Double check which calendar that the app is set up to export to, and then check your device calendar app to make sure that account and calendar are set up and are not hidden, or unchecked.

Reset the calendar account

This may affect other apps, so this should be a last resort. 

Android: In the device's Settings app (gear icon) tap on Accounts and remove the account in question and then add it back.

Apple: In the calendar app, remove the account and add it back.

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