How does it work?

Just go into the app's menu > Friends and search for friends. Once they accept your request, then you are sharing your schedules with each other.

This also matches you up with friends on sits and layovers that overlap by more than a minimum amount of time. When you meet that threshold on an airport sit, or a layover, then the app will show a "Friends!" line in the app where the overlap occurs. You can disable this or update the minimum overlap in the app's menu > Settings under the Personalization section.

When a crew member refreshes their own schedule, we store a copy of it on our servers (this is also done for the History feature in the app).

Once a friend request is made and accepted, then the Crew Members are sharing their schedules. 

My friend's schedule doesn't update when I refresh

Unfortunately, we don't have their latest schedule either. We can only see what is downloaded into the app during a schedule refresh, which can only be done by the crew member.

Normally, this works just fine, as you are just as up-to-date as the crew member is in their own app.

Can my friends see my private Device Calendar events, too?

Nope. Those stay private and never leave your device (just like you can't see anybody else's private events).

What privacy options are available?

In the app's menu > Settings, there are two sections that restrict the Friends feature and what is shared:

Privacy > Allow Friend Search: Disabling this setting removes you from being found if somebody else is searching for you.

These Friend Privacy settings will remove parts of your schedule before sending it to your friends:

Friend Privacy > Hotel Info & Phone: Disabling this setting removes the hotel info and hotel phone number.

Friend Privacy > Crew List: Disabling this setting removes the crew list.

Friend Privacy > Totals: Disabling this setting removes the flight, duty, and credit totals.

If you can't find somebody (or they can't find you), then double check that they (or you) are allowing friend search in their privacy settings: app's menu > Settings > Privacy > Allow Friend Search (make sure it's enabled).

What is a "Default Friend"?

This is a setting for the free Friends/Family accounts. If you have more than one Crew Member on your friends list, but you yourself aren't a crew, then the Default Friend is the friend that will automatically show their schedule each time you open the app from scratch.

Does my friend/family have to pay?

Nope. Flight Crew View is free to friends and family members (as long as they are not also a crew member). They just need to set up their own account under their own email and the app will guide them to the Friends page. See below for more.

How can I share my schedule with my family/friends for free?

Friends - Add Family/Friends for free

How can I remove a friend?

Just navigate to the Friends page (app's menu > Friends) and tap on the friend. There should be a red option to remove/delete them.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please use the Contact Developer option in the app's menu or send an email to