What Happened?

It appears that the iOS 14.6 update has caused some problems with T-Mobile phones that is keeping them from switching between 5G and LTE (it can also affect iOS 14.5, some Android phones, and other provider's 5G service, but in a different way). This can leave some phones stuck on 5G when data is no longer available on that 5G signal or if the signal is saturated with too many devices.

When this happens, the phone appears to be connected to 5G with full bars, but the app will hang during the refresh process because there is no data available. This can be intermittent in nature. Sometimes it affects all apps on the device, sometimes only a few. It may affect Flight Crew View in some locations or airports, but not others. Or it may happen all the time.

How to Fix It?

As a temporary fix until an Apple/Android system update is released, you can force the phone to ignore 5G signals and connect via 4G/LTE with the following instructions:


1) Open up your device's Settings app (gear icon).
2) Tap on Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data.
3) Select the next highest option (LTE, or 4G if LTE isn't an option).


1) Open up your device's Settings app (gear icon).
2) Tap on Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode (or Preferred Network).
3) Tap on the highest connection option that does not contain 5G (this is different on each phone).

If it still doesn't work on LTE or 4G

There are two more things you can try that have proven successful for some:

1) Restart your device. This seems to help reset the cell data connection. If it works, you're done.

2) Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the app's menu > Settings.
  2. Take note of which account you are logged into
    1. Note: If it's a "...@privaterelay.appleid.com" email, then use the "Continue with Apple" button at step 7 below (and make sure "Hide my email" remains enabled when it pops up).
  3. Tap on the red Logout option.
  4. Uninstall the app.
  5. Restart the device.
  6. Reinstall the app:
    1. Apple: Flight Crew View in the Apple App Store
    2. Google: Flight Crew View in the Google Play Store
  7. Log back in to app, Continue as crew member, and add your Flica credentials.

Going Forward

I expect that Apple/Android/T-Mobile will fix this in one of their next system updates. There is not any official documentation from them about this problem, yet, but there are several support threads at T-Mobile with people complaining about this, and I have found many others complaining about it at a few other websites as well, so they seem to be aware of it.

So, unfortunately, we are stuck with this fix until a system update is released. Once you install a new system update, though, go ahead and revert the phone back to 5G and see if the app still hangs.

If you still have trouble with the app, please get a hold of me via the Contact Developer option in the app or by tapping on the "Create a support ticket" link at the top of the page.