Here are a list of some of the questions and issues that people have written in about since the release of the new version. If you have any other questions, and they aren't answered here or in the FAQ, please send an email to .


There was a new update released in September that now requires you to sign up for a Flight Crew View app account. Before now, Flight Crew View has never used accounts before. The app has just tied everything to your Flica username, but that has caused a few issues and some new features that we are planning will now require individual accounts in the app.

To sign up, you can use one of the "Continue with..." buttons or just enter your personal email address and a password and tap on "Register". It is preferred to use your personal email address and not a work address. After that, it will guide you through the process of entering your Flica credentials and getting the app back up and running like normal for you.

  • I can't login! You'll need to register a new account with your personal email address or use one of the "Continue with..." buttons. Once you get logged in, it will guide you through setting up the app and entering your Flica credentials.
  • Error: Not Authorized! (Apple) This has come up a couple times now and we're not sure why that is happening. There are two fixes. The first is to just log out. If you can back up and select 'I am a Friend/Family', then you can Log out from the menu > Settings > Flight Crew View account > Logout. The other option is to uninstall the app and then reinstall from the Flight Crew View listing in the Apple App Store
  • Blank Screen (Apple) We are working to figure this out. In the meantime, the only fix that we are aware of is to uninstall and reinstall from the Flight Crew View listing in the Apple App Store.
  • Keyboard stuck open during login. Just tap on the 'return' button on the keyboard.
  • Error on the Flica Login page. Follow these instructions on your device to rule out several issues:
    1. On your device's browser, go to the website.
    2. Delete any auto-fill and log in.
    3. Navigate to Schedules > [current month]
    4. If you can see your schedule, log out of Flica.
    5. Try logging in to the app again.
      • If the app takes you to a different page when you come back, you can enter your Flica login in the Settings in the app's menu.


If the verification email just leads to a blank page, or the spinner doesn't load correctly, then try re-sending the verification email once. But only do it once and wait for the email. When the app creates new verification links, old links are invalidated for security.


This is being handled a little differently now. It was changed in order to let you better manage who has access to your schedule. It also lets you share your schedule without having to give out your password (which was bad programming practice on my part). 

  • My friend/family is not showing up. Once they update their app and get registered under their own email account, then they will show up in the search.
  • Friends are limited to app users. We need to have permission from the actual user to share their schedule in the app and the only way to confirm who is giving that permission is by doing it within the app (at least on a large scale like this). This also curbs handing out Flica passwords (bad programming practice on my part) and the app logging into Flica for people other than the crew member.
  • How do I add my spouse/family/friend? Both of you will need to sign up under different accounts. Once you are both signed in, then you will be able to find each other on the Friends page. Once the other person confirms, then you will both be able to see each other's schedule (or the crew member's schedule if one of you is not a crew member).


  • Android Subscriptions: Managed in your Android Play Store account.
  • Apple Subscriptions: Managed in your Apple iTunes account.
  • Will my subscription transfer to the new update? Yes, it should automatically transfer. If it doesn't, please respond to this email and let us know.


  • Home screen Widget not working right. There is an update available that fixes this: Flight Crew View listing in the Android Play Store.
  • How do I refresh? The menu button was replaced with a pull-to-refresh action, similar to how your device's internet browser refreshes. Just scroll up to the top of your schedule, and then scroll up a little more and that will start the refresh process.