Don't worry, they are still available, just in a little different spot in the new Flight Info option.

There are a couple reasons for the change. First, any time something changes at any of those websites or at any of the airlines, it requires an app update to fix it. This allows us to fix it in one place on our servers and get it working instantly for everybody.

Another big reason is that each of those sites provides a little different information that is all useful to crews, such as gate and delay status, inbound flight info, edct info, etc. The new page aims to collect and provide all of that information into one page for a much better snapshot that is tailored to Flight Crews.

So, what's on the new page?

-Gate Info

-Delay/Departure Status & Times

-Inbound Status & Times

-Full Tail Number

-Filed Route & Altitude


-Seat configuration

-FAA EDCT info

-Airport Weather & General Delays

-Full Airport & City Names

Note that some of this information may not be available for some airlines and airports.

Check it out! The link to this new page is in the same spot as the old one. Just tap on your Flight Number and select "Flight Info". It takes a second to gather all that data for each flight, but I hope you like it!

If you have any other questions about the new page, or have any suggestions, please feel free to get a hold of us!