This has been reported a couple times. There are no ads whatsoever coming from the Flight Crew View app (that's why you paid for it).

However, after doing some digging, it appears that these ads can get installed or pushed via Safari from a suspect website or a suspect app (it won't be coming from any of the trusted sites that we work with to provide information in the app). 

Anyway, to get rid of these pop-ups, the first step would be to try the following (NOTE: These steps will remove all of your website history and also any saved passwords, so make sure you have any that you need ready before continuing):

  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Open Safari
  • Tap the overlapped squares in the lower right
  • Close every page by tapping the "x" in the left upper corner of the page
  • When there are no pages left press HOME (On an iPhone X series swipe up from the bottom edge) and wait a couple of seconds
  • Double-press HOME (On an iPhone X series swipe up from the bottom edge and pause)
  • Swipe up on the safari image to kill it (On an iPhone X series touch and hold Safari, then swipe up)
  • Press HOME again (On an iPhone X series swipe up from the bottom edge)
  • Go to the device's Settings app (gear icon). Scroll down and tap ono Safari
  • Tap "Clear History and Website data"
  • Turn off Airplane mode

Once you do that, go back to the Flight Crew View app and see if the pop-up happens again. If you still have trouble with it, Apple has a page with some more information on how to get rid of unwanted pop-ups here:

Another option might be to go through your device and remove apps that you no longer use. There might be a suspect app that could be causing this (one person reported that removing a poker app got rid of the ads). Once you clear out those apps, go back in and redo the steps above. Hopefully that will get rid of those pop-ups.

There are also pop-up blockers available in the app store. Do your research and find a trusted one. If you want a recommendations, you can get a hold of us and we'll do some digging for you.

Otherwise, if you still get that pop-up, please let us know. Even though it isn't caused by Flight Crew View, we completely understand how annoying it is and are more than willing to help track it down.