First, make sure that you are looking at FDP and not BLOCK. Block limits are listed at the end of each leg. FDP limits are listed at the bottom of each day. This is a common mistake, and it's an easy one to make due to some of the similarities between the two numbers.

If you are looking at FDP at the bottom of the page, double check that you are using the correct time zone. Your report time each day needs to be adjusted to your base local time zone before entering the table. For example, if you are ORD based (Central time) and have a report of 8am in JFK (eastern time), then your report time needs to be adjusted to 7am before entering the FDP daily limit table. The only time this would not be the case is if you become acclimated to the JFK time zone. However, all airlines (at least as far as we are aware) do not track this due to the difficulties involved.

If you are entering the table at the correct time, double check that you aren't including last-leg deadheads and any post-flight duties in your FDP calculation. Under Part 117, those times do not count towards your total.

Also, Deadheads do not count as legs. So if you have 3 legs today, but one is a deadhead, then you only have 2 legs for the purposes of FDP limits for a single day.

If you still believe your times are inacurrate, please create a support ticket and provide a detailed description of why you believe a time is inaccurate. We'll take a look at it and either fix things on our end or get back to you with a more detailed explanation.