Report and Release times on Calendar Page

This has been on our list for a while now. And with the recent flood of iOS users who are used to seeing this on their Calendar Page, we are receiving this request by the truckload. We are currently busy with other issues in the app, but as soon as free time opens up, we will be implementing this feature.

Export Feature

This is currently available in a very rudimentary form on the Android version of the app. However, it only outputs *.csv files, which can be imported into logbook programs.

We are hoping to build an export functions that includes Google and iOS calendar exports, specific logbook export files, and an email format. We don't currently have a timeline for this implementation, but it is on our list and we will get to it when we have a little more time available.

Personal Notes

We would like to be able to add personal notes into the schedules. This would include things like adding "Dentist Appt" on the 12th so you don't try to pick any extra flying on the 12th. It could also be used to keep track of delays or any other information you would like to add: "Had a passenger disturbance on this flight, handled it by doing x and then y, but then finally resolved it with z." That way you can make a quick note while it's fresh in your mind and then revisit it should you need to fill out a report or review what happened at a later date.

More than one month of history

We are currently taking steps to implement this feature. It will also allow us to calculate the 365-day lookback required under US Part 117.

More hotel info

We'd like to include a search function to be able to find out information about hotels that aren't on your schedule. There are also some more fields we'd like to include (such as whether you can accrue Hotel Points and also what hotels offer crew discounts for stays).

Other Features

If you have any other suggestions, we are always looking for ways to improve the app! We can't guarantee a timeline to implementation, but submit a support ticket above and we'll take a look at it and let you know if it's viable.