This could be due to a number of reasons. Take a look and see if any of the following apply:

I just changed airlines/Flica Usernames

The subscription is tied to your username. This is done to allow anybody with access to your schedule (spouse/family/kids) to be able to use the app without also having to pay for it. We have plans to automate the process of switching airlines, but for now, just create a support ticket above and send us your old and new username (please NO passwords!) and we will get this switched over.

I just purchased a Subscription

Something went wrong during the subscription process. It's usually an easy fix, though. If you are sure that the purchase was successful, just go into the app and in the menu, select Subscription Info and then Purchase. At the bottom of that page, tap on Restore Purchase (you may have to scroll down past the subscription sign up button). That should get it working for you.

If it still says that you are in the trial, please submit a support ticket and we will take a closer look.


Try logging out from the menu in the app and logging back in with your normal Flica login. This serves as kind of a general reset for the app.

If you are still getting the trial message, but you are sure you purchased the app, please submit a support ticket above.