This can be a number of issues. However, it is usually due to incorrect info being loaded into Flica. Double check your schedule on the Flica website. If there is wrong info there, then you will need to contact your airline to get it corrected.

If you can only see the first instance of a duplicate or reoccurring trip, but can't click on the rest of them, then there is a setting in Flica that needs to be changed. Log into the website and navigate to Schedules>[affected month]. If only the first instance of a trip is showing there, then there is a setting in Flica that needs to be reverted back to "Show All Instances". Once that is updated, then log out of Flica and refresh the app to see each trip.

However, if the trip isn't displaying at all, something is missing, or it's not displaying what is on the Flica website, please first make sure that your app is up to date. We may have already fixed your particular issue. You can check for updates at the following links:


Flight Crew View on the App Store


Flight Crew View on Google Play

If the app is up to date and still causing issues, please submit a support ticket above with a screenshot of the issue, if possible. Also include as much information as you can.